Types of Frameless Glass Wall Systems

28 Jan

Frameless glass walls are built with different glazing methods to achieve visually stable without structural posts; framed with double glazed panes to get rid of visual reflections; and best suited for having daylight into a room. Frameless glass walls make for easy interior office facades with long clear sight-lines; extended naturally with roll-up panels. Glass can be made from several types of materials like toughened, tempered or laminated. It can also be faceted, beveled or a combination of both. The thickness of the glass is dependent on its application. You can check out the prices of frameless glass wall systems and sliding glass doors at Klein now!

Glass can be framed in several ways depending on its application. Most common is to use a single track sliding mechanism. These systems use two large wheels, fixed on either side of a single fixed frame, which allows the glass to move in a free and smooth manner. A slide mechanism allows the light to enter through the opening in the bottom part of the frame. For single track sliding, the inside of the frame is left clear.

A double track sliding system involves a single sliding wheel on the inside of the frame and sliding panels on the outside of the frame. The light can enter through the opening on the top of the frame. This type of frameless glass wall system has more parts, requiring more framing and therefore cost more. In this type of system, the frames can be placed in several positions to achieve various effects.

A popular combination of frameless glass wall systems and sliding glass partitions is to use flexible vinyl-coated panels to frame one side of the partition. The outermost panels are placed inside the room, while the other panels are placed outside on the edge. These panels slide within the flexible plastic covering, allowing light to come through while providing privacy when needed. Vinyl coated panels that swing horizontally also work well. These flexible plastic panels can be easily folded down when not in use, saving the room from clutter. Check out varieties of frameless glass wall systems  on this link: https://klein-usa.com/lignea-interior-glass-wall-systems.

Frameless door panels provide privacy when needed, but can also add elegance to a room by adding a decorative frame. Some of these panels are fully accessible, while others are covered with a removable vinyl coating. When closed, they provide a full view of the doorway, but open out to reveal a beautiful view of the garden or yard. 

If price is an issue, there are many frameless glass wall systems and sliding glass doors on the market that are less expensive than a custom framing job. Many companies will design a set of replacement door panels that fit your measurements and style within reason. These panels can be professionally installed or you can do it yourself, depending on your skill level. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sliding_glass_door.

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